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Monday, January 31, 2011

Learning Chinese with the CCP: Dangwai

On the eve of the traditional Spring Festival, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China held a forum with non-party members (党外人士, dǎng wài rénshì), inviting delegates from the central committees of each democratic party, comrades from  the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, and personalities without party affiliation to a happy get-together at Zhongnanhai, to greet the new year,

reports Xinhua (via Enorth).

Jia Qinglin chaired the meeting, Xi Jinping and Li Keqiang attended.

Hu Jintao, central military commissions' chairman, Xinwen Lianbo, January 24, 2011

Hu Jintao, attending a spring festival military gala in his capacity as CMC chairman, Xinwen Lianbo, January 24, 2011

State affairs were discussed together (共商国是) and old friendship recalled to greet the new year. CCP Central Committee secretary-general, state chairman and central military commissions’ chairman Hu Jintao, on behalf of the CCP’s central committee and the state council, extended his sincere greetings and Spring Festival wishes to the central committees of all democratic parties, to the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce comrades, to all persons without party affiliations, and to the wide membership of the United Front (统一战线). Hu Jintao emphasized that the accomplishment of the tasks of this year’s development goals depended on people from every party, every group, every nationality, every [social] class, and from all walks of life working together for the nation. Ninety years after the establishment of the CCP we should summarize and express the CCP’s and every democratic party’s, the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce’s, and non-party affiliate’s magnificient progress (光辉历程), in deepest sincerity to each other (肝胆相照 gān dǎn xiāng zhào), and their shared fate (风雨同舟 fēng yǔ tóng zhōu), guide the United Front’s wide membership to carry on and further develop the glorious tradition (继承和发扬光荣传统, jìchéng hé fāyáng guāngróng chuántǒng), uphold and perfect the ideals and beliefs of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, uphold and perfect cooperation and consultation among the political parties under the leadership of the CCP and their close cooperation with the CCP, and ensure that the policies laid out by the CCP central committee are implemented.

[Listing further attendees, including Du Qinglin (杜青林), head of the United Front work department of the CCP, and “Taiwan Democratic Self-Government League central committee” chairwoman Lin Wenyi (林文漪) as speakers at the meeting.]

Everyone agreed that 2010 had been an outstanding chapter in the great progress of reform and opening of the country (2010年是我国在改革开放的伟大进程中写下精彩篇章的一年). Led by the CCP’s central committee with Hu Jintao as its secretary-general, the nationalities of China had made their way forward united, of one mind, and persistently, promoted every project’s development and achieved new important successes.

The Xinhua article keeps emphasizing the CCP’s leading role, and lists the topics of affairs discussed: the strengthening of social services in rural China, water conservation, the development of strategic industries, cross-strait cultural exchanges, and suggestions as to how effectively correct unhealthy practices (不正之风, bù zhèng zhī fēng) which hurt public interests.  Hu Jintao conscientiously listened to all the speeches (认真听取大家的发言), and then delivered an important speech himself (发表了重要讲话), thanking for the United Front work of 2010, and pointing out the importance of implementing the CCP’s 17th party congress resolutions, the Deng Xiaoping Theories (邓小平理论), and Jiang Zemin’s “Three Represents” (三个代表), scientific development, economic transformation, and outstanding questions in socio-economic development. The 12th Five-Year plan would be crucial in building a moderately prosperous society (小康社会, xiǎo kāng shèhuì).

Hu emphasized that questions of the people’s livelihood and society’s harmony and stability was of the greatest concern to the national development plan.

We hope that all comrades will persist in putting the people first, profoundly understand the importance of doing the work among the masses in the new situation, support the party in uniting the masses, contacting the masses, and serving the masses, and that they will understand the situation in society (社情) and public opinion (民意), follow the public opinion (顺民意), and alleviate the people’s worries (解民忧).

Hu Jintao pointed out that ever since the founding of the CCP, ninety years ago, it had been proven in practise that one heart and one mind [literally: virtue]  in thought (思想上同心同德), one heart and one direction for the goals (目标上同心同向), and one heart and one direction in terms of action (行动上同心同行) had been the outstanding features of the cooperation and consultation between the democratic parties under the leadership of the CCP, and the guarantee of our victory in  continuously winning the revolution (不断夺取革命, bùduàn duóqǔ gémìng), construction, and reform. We hope that all comrades will conscientiously sum up historical experience, further encourage patriotic dedication (进一步激发爱国奉献, jìnyībù jīfā àiguó fèngxiàn), contribute to a sense of responsibility and creativity, and continuously improve skills of participation in state affairs.



风雨同舟 (fēng yǔ tóng zhōu) to share a common fate, to be in the same storm-tossed boat
团结 (tuán jié) to unite, unity
民意 (mínshēng) public opinion / popular will
民生 (mínshēng) the people’s livelihood
以人为本 (yǐ rén wéi běn) with the people first, people-oriented
十二五 (全国十二五规划) (shí èr wǔ) The 12th Five-Year plan
社会和谐稳定 (shèhuì héxié wěndìng) society’s harmony and stability
群众 (cānzhèng yìzhèng) the masses
参政议政 (cānzhèng yìzhèng) participation in state affairs

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