Li Qiming sentenced to Six Years in Jail

Li Qiming (李启铭) has been sentenced to six years in jail, and to pay the equivalent of [correction: 69,900 USD] 13,000 USD to the family of Chen Xiaofeng (陈晓凤), a student killed by Li’s hit-and-run drive on the campus of Hebei University on October 16 last year, reports the BBC.

The story had become news in China because it emblematized the feelings of many Chinese that cadre kids and the offspring from big business people were getting away with all kinds of offenses. Li Qiming has been quoted as telling campus guards who stopped him after killing Chen and injuring another student that “my father is Li Gang” (the deputy director of a local public security branch bureau), and “sue me if you dare”.

Wangdu County People’s Court found that Li had been driving drunk, injured one student and killed another, then tried to escape, and was fully responsible for the accident.

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