Just another German Review of the Chinese Press

protest against biased German media, Munich, 2008

This time, they've muzzled you for real

If this is what the Voice of Germany (DW, Deutsche Welle) calls a review of the Chinese press, a review of the booklets “about Germany”, distributed by German consulates among the interested Chinese victims should count as a review of the German press, just as well.

The author of the article “Chinese Press Elated” read all those papers and sources she thinks would matter – the Global Times, for example, which is quoted as saying that all the fears of a cold war were now gone. In the words of the GT itself:

The joint statement signed by the presidents of China and the US, setting out a new cooperative partnership, put to rest any fears that new Cold War might break out between China and the US.

Then, the Welle quotes from Xinhua. Then from  China Daily. All English-speaking papers, as if there wasn’t a Chinese department somewhere in the same building, a few doors away from the Voice’s German department, probably.

The Global Times, ladies and gentlemen there in Bonn, is not the Chinese press. The Chinese press, as a rule, writes in Chinese. English-language papers are an exception in China, not the rule. And they don’t necessarily write the same stuff as those in English do. You should know. After all, you are a house of many different languages yourself.

Oh my. Why am I getting so excited? It’s been a tough day so far, and I should be tired and relaxed instead. After all, it’s breaktime.


If these reporters actually had to cover the news to get a paycheck…, The Guardian, January 23, 2011

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