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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hunan University: 26 Teaching Staff reach “Point of no Return”

26 teaching staff, including six professors, have apparently been made redundant at Hunan University (湖南大学) in Changsha, for breach of working discipline, reports the Changsha Evening Post (via Enorth). The news article doesn’t explicitly state that their contracts have been severed for good, but refers to the disciplinary action as “off-teaching” notifications (“下课” 通知书). No reason for the notification of the 26 notices is given either, but the report says that new rules and regulations had been applied to improve teaching quality. It was no rare phenomenon that university teachers worked off-campus without authorizaton, or stayed abroad longer than scheduled, writes the Changsha Evening Post.
There are abut 1,300 teaching posts at Changsha University, according to the report. The new rules, established in 2000, prescribe that staff accumulating fifteen days of unauthorized absence would be automatically be put onto a list for removal from duty (列入自动离职处理名单). The action taken at Hunan University is reportedly the biggest of its kind by a Chinese university to date.


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