Indian Army “in Biggest Transformation in Recent History”

Two new infantry mountain divisions and the first battalion of Arunachal Scouts are now virtually in place along the 4,057-km Line of Actual Control between India and China, the Times of India reported on Saturday. The Indian army was steadily building its capabilities for offensive mountain warfare with China on mind. The army had adopted a “proactive strategy” which factored in the worst case scenario of grappling with both China and Pakistan simultaneously in a two-front war. With 1,260 officers and 35,011 soldiers, the two new divisions were to have their HQ in Zakama (Nagaland) and Missamari (Assam), according to the Times of India report.

On Thursday, the Times of India reported that the Indian army

is set for the biggest transformation in its recent history, according to authoritative sources and plan details accessed by TOI. The restructuring could begin as early as March-April.
The proposals include setting up of a Strategic Command, comprising of Army’s offensive capabilities, abandoning many existing administrative structures and thinning down of headquarters at all levels. Taken together, this is said to be the most radical organization change that the Indian Army has seen.

A strategic command would be created for the three Strike Corps, i.e. the 1 Corps, 2 Corps & 21 Corps. The three Strike Corps are

built around a nucleus of a single armored division and two infantry divisions – probably with more mechanized brigades than basic infantry formations – probably with more mechanized brigades than basic infantry formations. Strike corps should be capable of being inserted into operational level battle, either as battle groups or as a whole, to capture or threaten strategic and operational objective(s) with a view to cause destruction of the enemy’s reserves and capture sizeable portions of territory.

On Friday, Huanqiu Shibao reporter Tan Liya (谭利娅) was quoted with an article reproducing Thursday’s Times of India article in Chinese, on the day of the original’s appearance in English.


“Getting above Themselves”, November 24, 2010

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