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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Definition: Civil Internet Use (文明上网)

Luo Dongchuan (罗东川), the Supreme People’s Court Policy Research Department’s deputy director, elaborated in an interview with People’s Net (人民网, via Enorth) the other day on the concept of civil use of the internet (文明上网).

Q: From a judicial perspective, what does the broad meaning of civil internet use imply for the netizens?

A: From a judicial perspective, the essence of civil internet use is to access the internet in accordance with the law. It has to be done, above all, in accordance with the law, being active or expressing one’s views on the internet. The internet is no paradise, and no space without any constraints. The requirements of the rule of law need to be the proper course of doing things.
从法律角度来讲,文明上网的实质就是依法上网。文明上网首先要做到依照法律规定,在网上开展活动或者是发表意见。 网络不是一片净土,也不是一个没有任何约束的空间,必须要纳入到法治规范的轨道。


Q: Where would uncivlized behavior on the internet hit the legal bottomline?

A: Although the internet is a virtual world, it is still constitutes a component of social life, and needs restrictions. To violate the reputation, privacy, to publish other peoples’ information or material on the internet, or to insult or slander others, such behavior frequently occurs on the internet.
Besides, as online banking and online transactions have become more and more common, problems with violations of peoples’ legitimate economic rights will occur.
[Details of internet crimes]

Q: Which duties at all levels of society do you see in guiding internet users’ civilized use of the internet?

A: The law is essential for the harmony and development of society, but it is only a bottomline standard for social behavior. The healthy development of the internet is a task for all of society. Only if it can depend on all of us defending it, the internet will develop in a healthy way, and only then can we really make good use of the internet.


A campaign for civil internet use and joint building of harmony (文明上网,共建和谐) had been launched in August, by these and other organizations. (including the supreme people’s court). It came to a close on November 25, with prizes being awarded to organizations and netizens in a ceremony at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.


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