Chinese Trawler collides with Korean Coast Guard Boat

Two Chinese fishermen were missing and another in critical condition after their trawler capsized after colliding with a South Korean Coast Guard boat Saturday,

Yonhap newsagency quotes officials. The collision occured some 120 km off South Korea’s Eocheong Island, writes Yonhap. Four coast guards had been injured.

According to an Associated Press (AP) report, the capsize of the Chinese fishing boat occured in a scuffle.

According to the BBC‘s Chinese service – quoting South Korean sources -, some 50 Chinese trawlers or fishing boats were fishing illegally. A coastguard spokesman said that when the South Korean coastguard approached them, one of the trawlers of fishing boats deliberately collided with the coastguard vessel and gave the other boats the opportunity to hurry back to Chinese waters, and capsized in the process. [Update: Link – 20101219]

There seem to be conflicting reports about the numbers of people killed, missing, or injured in the incident.

5 Responses to “Chinese Trawler collides with Korean Coast Guard Boat”

  1. And China now begins its re-assertion of maritime dominance of waters from its glorious imperial past by slowly chipping away at territorial borders of its neighbors using its fleet of “fishing boats”.

    Next up: “Why Korea, Vietnam, Myanmar and Thailand were all traditionally harmonious members of the greater China community 800 years ago…” ~Foreign Ministry Spokesperson


  2. I’m wondering if the heat in minjian Chinese relations with the outside world has overtaken the intransigence of official line by now. So far, I see little coverage of the issue on the official Chinese media, if any. It’s mostly news on media such as, 绍兴网, 东北网, and some internet forums, and the news itself is short.
    Dongbei (东北网, from Heilongjiang, and one of the few official sources I can see so far) quotes Associated Press and puts the coast guard spokesman’s referral to illegal fishing, as well as the allegation of the fishing boat intentionally hitting the coast guard vessel into question marks.
    Four injured coastguards are also mentioned in the Dongbei notice.
    Every incident that involves a Chinese trawler becomes a senstitive issue. Interesting times.


  3. OK, the Global Times / Huanqiu Shibao, of course, with 252 comments so far. The thread seems to include an eloquent – fake or real, who knows? – South Korean:
    Your Chinese dogs’ PLA fears our great Republic of Korea? We are prepared! Come on! Come on! Hurry up!
    And yes, Netizen, the Greater China argument is there, too.
    The Korean peninsula has always been a region of Greater China. The people of this region, shortly after leaving the bosom of the motherland, have become thieves? Deplorable! Korean peninsula, come back to Greater China quickly!

    The JR Intelligence unit has been tracking these cool two patriots since time immorial, and archived their activities:

    The news article itself is similar to Dongbei’s.



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