Greying Protest Elegy

Yes, I’m aware that two city council members from Ishigaki City, Okinawa Prefecture, have been spotted making a forced entry onto an island to the south of the Senkaku Islands from a Japanese fishing-boat, on December 10, at 8.50 in the morning (Beijing Time, I presume), according to the imperial records.

But is that news? Would it spell distortion if our television crews saved themselves the trouble of making a new movie of each new Japanese and Chinese protest march, and instead pick up the same archive material every time?

Of course, they would have to make sure that the leaves on the trees wear the colors of the season, in Shanghai, Tokyo, and other patriotic locations.

Over the years, though, the protesters will also continue looking older than now. Both China and Japan are countries with aging populations. Then again, the Chinese protesters may dye their hair, for the great rejuvenilation of their country.

Going from Strength to Strength: the Senkaku Conflict in 2025

Going from Strength to Strength: the Senkaku Conflict in 2025

One of the two Japanese city councillors was aged 61. I used to think that people at his age had grown past hoisting flags in remoted places which are their territory anyway.

Any haiku to offer on this topic, Froog?



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