Soft Power: The Confucius Peace Prize

Lien Chan’s office told Singapore’s Morning News that Lien hadn’t heard of his latest award, the Confucius Peace Prize (孔子和平奖), beforehand. Lien, honarary chairman of Taiwan’s governing KMT, has been awarded the prize for his contributions to bridging the Taiwan Strait (奖是表扬连战为海峡两岸搭桥做出贡献).

The Confucius Peace Prize comes with 100,000 RMB prize money, Tan Changliu (谭长流), the Confucius Peace Prize Commission‘s chairman, is quoted as saying. He declined to give further information about when the committee had been established, how its five members had been chosen, but  added that such information would be given later. He said that the committee was not a government agency, but that it did indeed cooperate closely with the ministry of culture, and was meant to set forth Chinese peoples’ concept of peace.

According to the Taipei Times,

Mainland Affairs Council Chairwoman Lai Shin-yuan (賴幸媛) told lawmakers in Taipei that the government found the prize “amusing.”
“As far as we know it is an unofficial prize. We don’t plan to make any comment on it,” she said. “But we do find it amusing.”

Neither Hermit, nor Good Ganbu, nor Net Nanny, could have produced a concept that would, in whatever way,have been able to rival the Confucius Peace Prize. Not even close.

This is a humble day for
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Confucius Prize could be weapon in battle of ideas, Global Times, Nov 17, 2010

8 Responses to “Soft Power: The Confucius Peace Prize”

  1. I don’t know who Tan Changliu is, but it must be a proud day for Yang Disheng, the HONORARY chairman of the awards committee. Yang,

    was born in Mar 1931 in Changzhou of Jiangsu Province In China. The professor of of Thought And Culture Graduate School of Tsinghua University.He graduated from Philosophy Department of Tsinghua University in 1952. After that , he has worked long time in Tsinghua University. He ever took part in constructing Tsinghua University’s Philosophic Teaching And Research Group and Tsinghua University Attaching Middle School and Tsinghua University Thought And Culture Graduate School etc.He ever acted as the secretary of Tsinghua University’s Philosophic Teaching And Research Group and the vice headmaster of Tsinghua University Attaching Middle School and the vice superintendent of Tsinghua University Thought And Culture Graduate School.Now he shoulders the vice-chairman and secretary-general and juridical person representative of China Confucius Academy. He also acted as vice-chairman of Feng Youlan Learing Seminar and the Standing Director of Chinese History of Modern Times Academy. He gave many courses including Logic and Research of History of Chinese Thought. His main research’s direction is the contrast of culture between the China and the west, between Chinese traditional culture and democracy、science.


  2. Aua, das tut weh…


  3. @ Taide: the whole website is beautiful, Taide. But especially the notice on the English index page’s menu board: “Sacrifice Confucius”. But I guess the old sage will survive Mr Tan’s and Mr Yang’s brutal attack.

    @ nowede: mach dir nichts draus. Die merken das gar nicht.


  4. Who says that the Chinese have no capacity for irony, parody, or indeed humor of any kind, other than the most puerile, sex- or bodily-function-related kind? Not me (anymore)! Another one of these beauties and you are going to be out of business!


  5. Not so fast… This blog’s Three Represents may turn into archives in that case, but I could still continue translating Chinese news articles.
    Have a great weekend, Alex.



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