Snow on its Way

Winter for a Weekend, November 27, 2010

Winter for a Weekend, November 27, 2010

“Ice in November to bear a duck, rest of the winter will be slush and muck” is a much-quoted Yorkshire adage, but nothing that British meteorologists would always agree to, writes Martin Wainwright of the Guardian. Winter has arrived in Britain.

As weather rich in precipitation usually comes from the West, Northwestern Germany should be prepared for some of the same weather that Scotland and Northern England are now under. Forecasts here say that there will only be snowfall near the coast today, but we will get some on Thurday, and more on Sunday.

We had a small foretaste of it this weekend, but it was no big handicap yesterday or this morning.

Last winter was strong and lasted for months. But my own experience makes me believe in the wisdom of the Yorkshire people. An early winter (just as an early summer) tends to evaporate quickly.

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