Photos: Taiwan Municipal Election Campaign

Taiwanese employees who are eligible to vote are entitled to a one-day holiday on Saturday, according to the Labor Standards Act (勞動基準法), the Council of Labor Affairs (勞委會) reminded the public on Thursday. It could make sense for people who do work on Saturdays, and in working places  away from the ones where they are registered. That happens frequently.

Mr Tseng (this seems to be his name) may not take a day off – he’s apparently self-employed. One of his neighbors, a German journalist, hasn’t seen him without his campaign-vest in the past few weeks (see first photo of this post). But if elected, Mr Tseng will still be around in his neighborhood. After all, he’s running for borough chief.

A KMT candidate named Lee Hsin will keep (or make) the schoolyards safe. But how can kids attend school with peace of mind if there will be no more drugs? (See second photo.) Anyway, the picture suggests that it could be true that KMT candidates are currently angrier than DPP candidates.

A DPP candidate promises CHANGE. I can’t read the first promises, but “GE” stand for guts and energy (photo 3).

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