Beijing Loving Source Information Center Closes Down

Hu Jia may be released from jail sometime within the coming eight months – but before that (hopefully) happens, the authorities appear to be making a lot of preparations for the activist’s smooth and harmonious return to life outside prison.

Beijing Loving Source Information Center (北京爱源信息咨询中心), an AIDS support group founded by Hu Jia before his imprisonment, and managed by his wife Zeng Jinyan during the past years, closes down, apparently under the pressures of official suspicion and harassment of activists and groups that take on sensitive subjects.

C. A. Yeung, Under The Jacaranda, provides a translation of Ms Zeng’s announcement of November 11 to close Beijing Loving Source, with some background information.


The “Taxman” Cometh, July 20, 2009

5 Responses to “Beijing Loving Source Information Center Closes Down”

  1. Thanks for posting this news. Things don’t look good for Jinyan. She is very worried but doesn’t know what can be done. She’s been threatened with arrest. It’s also been suggested to her that her family will be put under strict house arrest once Hu Jia is released. (similar to what is happening now to the blind activist Chen Guangcheng). Even Hu Jia’s younger sister has been barred from leaving the country. At the moment, I and other friends of hers are still keeping in touch with her on a regular basis but we don’t know how long this can last, as both phone and Internet communications are intermittently cut off. I’ll keep writing as soon as I receive more news. I would be grateful if you can help spread the news. We are hoping that pressure from international communities will help prevent this family from disappearing from the radar.


  2. Ms Zeng attended an interview with tax authorities last Thursday and she wrote a blog post the next day about it. According to the post, things do not look good for her. However, she did not elaborate further. Instead, she posted a series of document she received from various tax agencies over the last few months.

    Here is the link to her post:

    I’m finalizing students’ academic result for the semester and won’t be able to write about Jinyan’s new encounters with authorities until late next week. I’d be really grateful if you can give a hand.


  3. 星期天(我)也不休息!:) But with a bit of luck, I can do the translation some time today. I’d be grateful if you could take a short look then, if you can see any striking mistake in my translation.



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