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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Future Horrors: Trapped in a Chinese Labor Camp

Be very afraid, suggests this 2030 prophecy, courtesy to the cultural unit of Citizens against Government Waste (CAGW).

“Of course we own most of their debt”, a professor (an updated Fu-Manchu, suggests Frog in a Well) tells a rejoicing Chinese audience, explaining why the American empire perished, as did Greece, Rome, or the British Empire, and adds a pitiful and contemptuous bit of laughter: “Ha, ha, ha, so now they work for us.”

Grandma is going to crap her pants when the sealed fate of her grandchildren dawns on her. Only Sarah Palin can save the American Empire.

Only Sarah Palin can save the American Empire.

Only Sarah Palin can save the American Empire.


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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Huanqiu Shibao: Imperialism Thwarted on all Fronts

The Japanese media are maliciously belittling the Shanghai-Hangzhou high-speed railway (恶意贬低沪杭高铁), referring to it as a Shinkansen knock-off or shanzhai version (新干线山寨版) Huanqiu Shibao reports. The malicious Japanese media come in the shape of the Sankei Shimbun (产经新闻) as quoted by Huanqiu’s correspondent Wang Huan (王欢) today. According to Huan, Sankei Shimbun writes that the high-speed CRH380A train which takes passengers from Shanghai to Hangzhou (Zhejiang Province) within 45 minutes and was excessivley praised by the Chinese as “home-made” (中国人“标榜”新型CRH380A列车为“国产”), was in fact imitated from Japan in terms of technology and design (不论技术还是外形设计,都在“模仿”日本). While it was an investment for further economic growth within the Shanghai-Zhejiang region, it didn’t help to stop growing social disparities, Wang quotes the Japanese paper. Wang’s report contains two photos, one of the Shanghai-Hangzhou high-speed train (沪杭高铁), and one of the Shinkansen (新干线) respectively. The connection between Shanghai and Hangzhou was officially inaugurated on Tuesday.

Meantime, Chinese diplomacy defeats American efforts to open a war-crimes investigation (战争罪行调查) against the Myanmar (Burmese) military government by lobbying the higher ranks of the United nations and European governments, Huanqiu Shibao quotes the Washington Post and Agence-France Press (AFP). AFP, according to the Huanqiu report, cites misgivings among Myanmar’s Asian neighbors concerning stability.

Coverage of South Korean reports of October 24 (quoted today, October 27, by Huanqiu Shibao) that American aircraft carrier battle groups won’t take part in further US-South Korean exercises in the Yellow Sea for the rest of the year completes the paper’s victory messages of Wednesday. However, such exercises were to continue after the end of this year, Huanqiu quotes a military commander. The paper also quotes the Foreign Policy website of October 25 as citing Pentagon officials saying that this announcement was no concession to China (并不是对中国让步).

As usual, the Huanqiu articles come without links to online articles  it refers to. The Washington Post report on the Chinese lobbying taking the steam out of the U.S. initiative for an international probe into possible war crimes by Burma’s military rulers can be found here.


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