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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Net Nanny: China Experts, China Experts, China Experts

[Update/Notice: Mr. Heffermehl’s position in short can be found in comment #1, next to this post. The following paragraphs mereley reflect Nanny‘s views — October 24,  JR.]

Net Nanny: Experts are the Solution

Net Nanny: Experts are the Solution


today, I want to commend Fredrik S. Heffermehl. He is a westerner (Norwegian) who really understands China. I understand that Mr Heffermehl researched the decisions of the Peace Nobel Prize carefully and comes to the conclusion that —-

[Note/Update: This paragraph as follows  must not be attributed to Mr Heffermehl, but to the China Daily article it links to. Mr Heffermehl didn’t refer to Liu Xiaobo as a “criminal”, and didn’t go into any detail about him – he has no issues with this year’s nobel laureate, but with the Nobel Committee’s nomination processes and criteria. For more details, see comments underneath – JR]
—- to award Liu the peace prize is inappropriate. Liu advocates that “China should be a colony for another three centuries” and “China should be divided into eighteen nations.” He is by no means the “peace champion” in Nobel’s will, but rather a criminal who has long been instigating subversion of state power.

Besides, the Committee is full of politicians! This politicization of the Committee, is, of course, very dangerous. This is my suggestion for your review and adherence, Comrades: make contact with the Norwegian government and tell them what will happen if they continue to disbehave, and if they keep trying that excuse that the Nobel Committee would be “independent”. To be constructive, you should also let them know what they can do to make the committee more useful.

The answer to this latter question has, of course, been answered by our correct leadership before. As Comrade Jiabao said on the Sixth China-EU Business Summit in Brussels on October 6:

China is a friend indeed and I believe the entrepreneurs here all know it (在座的企业家心里很清楚,中国够朋友).

Dear Comrades, as all of us who unvaveringly uphold the banner of socialist democracy for another century, as Comrade Deng Xiaoping stipulated, and the Three Represents of Chairman Jiang Zemin, too, that stipulate that politics and entrepreneurship are inseparable (in China, that is) know very well, Comrade Jiabao has recently made statements that are unnecessarily ambiguous. But in his speech in Brussels, he said something very important! Western entrepreneurs all know the truth, that China is a true friend. Provided that they have invested substantially in our righteous country, or depend on business with us in whichever way, they will understand very clearly what a dangerous criminal Liu Xiaobo is!

In short, entrepreneurs who understand China must be appointed to the Nobel Peace Committee. It would be good for Norway, and save them a lot of trouble.

People like Mr Heffermehl and, in this case, comrade Jiabao, too, have shown the Nobel Peace Committee the way already. Experts must become members of the Commission. In every case which involves China, this will require China experts, China experts, China experts.

Bring it home to those barbarian Vikings. I’m awaiting your status report (by red head mail) before the end of next week.


Net Nanny


China’s Primacy of Politics, July 3, 2010

This post reflects the picture of Mr Heffermehl as it comes across through Chinese media. It doesn’t intend to suggest that his actual criticism and recommendations would necessarily be invalid.

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