Nobel Peace Prize 2010 awarded to Liu Xiaobo

The campaign to establish universal human rights also in China is being waged by many Chinese, both in China itself and abroad. Through the severe punishment meted out to him, Liu has become the foremost symbol of this wide-ranging struggle for human rights in China.

Press release, Norwegian Nobel Committee, October 8, 2010


Update / Related
Back in Prison – Liu Xiaobo short bio, Dec 25, 2009

3 Comments to “Nobel Peace Prize 2010 awarded to Liu Xiaobo”

  1. Great news, justrecently.

    China’s Mandela at last. A proud day.


  2. Yes. Mandela. Who did really did sweet fucking nothing for his people. He did nothing to reform the system of ownership in South Africa, and hand over to the black people what was rightly theirs.

    Instead he took his instructions from the West on how to run the place.

    With the result that since ‘democracy’ in South Africa, the material conditions of the black people have dropped, and their life expectancy has declined from about 61 in 1994 to 51 now.

    Yes. Exactly what China needs. A Chinese Mandela.


  3. Nelson Mandela didn’t remove the rule of law, which was a wise decision, compared to how Mugabe ruled Zimbabwe. It was Thabo Mbeki and his government who misjudged and belittled the impact of the AIDS epidemic, not Mandela (almost half of all deaths in 2008 were – reportedly – HIV/Aids related, an increase from a third of all deaths in 2001). The mere reason that Stuart compared Liu Xiaobo to Nelson Mandela – or vice versa – is reason enough for you to smear both of them. That says little about the people you hate, but a lot about you, “Mongol Warrior”.

    Besides, you aren’t consistent. If the race of people did actually spell a difference in moral standards or administrative skills (as you seem to suggest), and if “blacks” in South Africa therefore wanted to be ruled by “whites only” again, they could choose to do so. Just as well, they could form a political party that would indeed “hand over to the black people what was rightly theirs” (if they agreed with your blurry definition of what “rightly theirs” should mean). Before such a competing party would become double-digit, the ANC would hurry to do the job by itself.

    The numbers of years you may live – no matter in how much of an unhappy and hateful condition – may mean everything to you, “Mongol Warrior”, as you pointed out earlier this week, but not necessarily to everyone else. Ideas about what makes a good life differs individually, and therefore widely.

    Information on criticism of the ANC’s performance is freely available in South Africa. There is much more reason to believe that a majority of South Africans support or tolerate their government – in a situation of choice which actually exists – than that Chinese people would support or tolerate theirs – in a situation of choice.

    Anyway – if you can show me the instructions Mandela took from the West, I’ll be most grateful. It would be Justrecently’s scoop, and this blog would get links from the world’s leading newspapers.


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