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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Location, Location, Location

Location 1: “Location-based Networking”

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Location-based networking is the next big thing, if …, yes, if enough people are interested in telling the world where they are. “Enough people” would probably spell more than the four per cent of American adults who have ever used such a network at all (according to a research firm quoted by the Economist in August), and privacy issues would need to be solved to the satisfaction of the potential users, too, they say.

I can’t believe that the latter issue will be a real one. Who of the great communicators wouldn’t be prepared to risk their home being looted, so long as a sufficiently big number of people (what spells enough depends on their egos) takes note of their current adventures in a shopping mall? Burglars at their homes while they shop will help to make room for the latest purchases.

If the critical mass of users to make location-based networking a big business can be reached may be a different question. The fashions seem to come and go so easily and quickly now that this way of communication may become history before it becomes big.

Location-based networking may, however, offer a number of people some help in killing, rather than using their time.

Location 2: Where is “Greater China”?

Ben Guoren had a session with a crystal ball and found some twenty-two answers to this question. I seem to disagree with what I see as a somewhat self-defeating (even if ironical) finding of his or her that Taiwan would become part of Greater China but not [be] subsumed into the PRC because we’ll have a different name … something like Taiwan Special Administrative Region or Chinese Taiwan Special Economic Zone.

In my view, the name of the game is to state the future you aspire to in the indicative or future mode, and to reserve the conditional forms for the ideas of an aggressor.

Location 3: Justrecently’s Location

My location won’t be in front of an internet browser as frequently as during the past year or so. Not for the coming two weeks, anyway. However, there is no reason for you, the loyal enough readers of this blog, to panic. I’ll be back – after all, I’m not out of ideas or enthusiasm for blogging, but only under some time constraints.

Meantime, for the somewhat more meagre season to come, I cordially invite everyone to take stock of these – now 1043 – posts so far.

Or maybe you will wish to join Crystal Tao and Mylaowai in exploring the location of the Qija people.

Yours considerately

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