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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Important Notice to China Bloggers: Porn Ersatz Activities

True Mental Models

True Mental Models

Awaiting your Anecdotes

Net Nanny: for a More Mental Internet

BeijingTo promote civlized manners and cultural exploration on the internet, and to resist vulgarity and kitsch (抵制庸俗、低俗、媚俗之风), the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) External Propaganda Office (中央外宣办, of the State Council Information Office), the Central Civilization Office (中央文明办), the Supreme People’s Court, the Ministries of Public Security, Industry, Education, the Central Administration of Press and Publication, the Broadcasting Office (广电总局), the Communist Youth League Central Guidance Committee (共青团中央指导), People’s Net, Xinhua Net, Chinese internet television stations, China Net, (中国文明网),,,,,, – a total of 195 Chinese websites – plus the Self-Discipline Committee of China Internet Industries (中国互联网协会行业工作自律委员会),  solemnly launched a contest on Thursday.

All Chinese netizens are invited to discuss their experiences of populating the internet in a civilized manner (活动邀请广大网民畅谈文明上网体会), relating their relevant anecdotes (故事), actively participate in a knowledge contest, and make their own pure contributions to a mental (心智) and harmonious web, according to the Activity Organization Committee’s Office (活动组委会办公室).

China bloggers shouldn’t be surprised if some regular trolls patriots have stopped commenting today. They will be back on October 29, when the activities are over, and all the trophies have been collected.


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