VoA, Zhai Dequan: Future Drills “in Both Seas”

A relocation of the Invincible Spirit naval exercise from the Yellow Sea to the Sea of Japan would hardly happen as a mere reaction to Beijing’s objections, Peter Lee of the Asia Times wrote on July 16. Rather, there was evidence that the South Korean military had botched the Cheonan investigation, and therefore undermined Seoul’s case at the United Nations. He refers to the objections of two academics in Japan, published in detail by Japan Focus. The article also provides the Joint Investigation Group members list. The Joint Investigation Group (JIG) had come the conclusions presented by Seoul – among them investigators from South Korea, the US, Australia, Sweden, and Great Britain.

US military officials denied that they had bowed to pressure from Beijing and moved the maneuvers from the Yellow Sea, saying the Sea of Japan actually was the most appropriate venue for the current drill, writes the Voice of America (VoA). The report doesn’t give the military officials’ names, but adds their statement that future exercises would be held off Korea’s west coast, i. e. in the Yellow Sea.

Zhai Dequan (翟德泉), deputy secretary general of the China Arms Control and Disarmament Association (中国军控与裁军协会), is quoted by China Daily with a similar forecast. Zhai reportedly said that future drills would be held in both seas and China should do more to prevent exercises in the sensitive Yellow Sea.

Nanjing Military Region artillery troops are currently conducting the biggest live ammunition exercises to date near the Yellow Sea, Enorth quotes CCTV (China Central Television), using artillery location radar (炮位侦校雷达), unmanned aerial vehicles, and other equipment for battlefield intelligence and reconnaissance which are effective to improve battlefield transparency (战场透明度) and information exchange to make long-range strikes more accurate.


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2 Comments to “VoA, Zhai Dequan: Future Drills “in Both Seas””

  1. That’s right. However, there are apparently no US ships participating in the exercise there.

    Apparently, Sweden fully participated in the Cheonan investigation, a speech by Swedish foreign minister Sten Tolgfors of June 14 suggests. Tolgfors said that “the results were clear”.


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