Taiwan Military: Placing their Orders

Concerns about Washington’s commitment to Taiwan’s security stretch beyond the pan-green camp. The China Post, KMT-leaning, writes:

As economic integration is likely to continue across the Taiwan Strait, if Taiwan has a sense of self confidence in its economic and military sectors, the United States should carefully take into consideration the impact of any further “strategic ambiguity” on its arms sales to Taiwan.

Taiwan needs to enhance its economic competitiveness through the United States, among others, but the island still needs to strengthen its military in order to raise the cost of coercion, ensure some degree of deterrence vis-a-vis China’s PLA and negotiate from a position of strength.

Germany’s weekly Die Zeit reports today that president Ma Ying-jeou instructed the ministry of defense to compile an  order list, including MK-54 torpedos, dozens of M1A2-Panzer and amphibian landing crafts.

Taiwan’s government may intend to test its American lifeline of arms supplies. On Wednesday, Taiwanlink recommended that

the Ma administration would be well-advised to submit a letter of request (LOR) for price and availability (P&A) data for 66 F-35B fighters to the Obama administration. And send a copy to the key staffers on the Hill to make sure they know that an LOR has been submitted.

They might be doing just that.


Taiwan’s Armed Forces Structure, Periscope, as of Nov 1, 2009

Hu pins ECFA with label of “anti-independence”, Liberty Times / That’s Impossible, July 19, 2010

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