Rebiya Kadeer: Taiwan is a Free Country

Rebiya Kadeer has been on a three-year blacklist in Taiwan for some time, as Guts United Taiwan (GUT), an organization which blends the promotion of movies, music, and political goals, reportedly found out last week after inviting the exiled Uyghur leader to attend screenings of the Ten Conditions of Love (愛的十個條件) documentary.

Rebiya Kadeer

KMT: Beware of the Muzzymonster

Kadeer’s daughter, Raela Tosh, is currently in Taipei. On Sunday, she told a news conference that her mother, who was barred from visiting Taiwan for three years last year, believes she will be allowed to visit Taiwan some day because it is a free country. Tosh said that she wanted to help Taiwanese people understand that the seemingly peaceful scenes seen in Xinjiang were false.

AFP writes that a decision by the Taiwanese ministry of the interior (MOI) to deny Rebiya Kadeer entry was made in September last year.


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