Green Dam Censoring Project closing down?

Yanzhao Metropolis Daily (燕赵都市报, Hebei Province) quotes a Beijing Times (京 华时报) report saying that the two companies that are in charge of developing the mandatory cenoring software Green Dam Youth Escort had closed their project office at Hua Jie Building (华杰大厦) at the Third Ring Road [apparently within the Haidian area – JR]. All employees belonging to the project team had been made redundant.

Another project team in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, was reportedly still operating, but also said to be in trouble, and may also be closed soon, which, the report adds, would leave 20 mn users without technical support and customer service (届时将有2000万绿坝用户失去技术和客服支持).

The censoring software, formerly or possibly still meant to become mandatory software for every computer, or only every publicly used computer, had been criticized within and outside China in 2009, for quality problems, conflicts with competition laws, and several other for several other issues.

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