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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

7-5 Anniversary, Chinese press review

Zhang Chunxian (张春贤), who was appointed party secretary general of Xinjiang  in April this year just one day after the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau held a meeting to discuss plans to boost economic development and maintain long-term social stability in Xinjiang, was on a morale-boosting tour of Urumqi from July 4 to 5 to communicate with the citizens about their life, China Daily writes.

Chinanews (中新网) quotes Singapore’s Morning News as reporting today that July 5 passed extremely calmly (异常平静度过 “七•五”), and refers to the anniversary of 7-5. Chinanews also quotes favorable coverage from Hong Kong’s Beijing-leaning Wen Hui Pao (文汇报) and from Ta Kung Pao (大公报) with descriptions of daily life (tourists in the early morning, people resting in the shadows of trees, playing badminton, and boating on a lake).

Under the eyes of many citizens, elderly people of all nationalities follow the beat of music, and following the instructions of an old Uyghur dancing teacher. Everyone is talking and laughing, and everyone is in high spirits.

Some of the quotations from the press outside mainland China are selective. In its article quoted by Chinanews, Morning News also writes that in the places where violence flared up last year, Uyghur areas such as Erdaoqiao (二道桥), Shanxi Lane (山西巷), there were lots of military police, but no crowds of people (事实上,去年出现暴乱的地区:二道桥、山西巷这些维族商业区都没有了人潮,连汉族聚居区里行人也明显比平日少). Even in predominantly Han-inhabited areas, there were significantly less people walking the streets than usual. When Morning News reporter Han Yonghong (韩咏红) talked about the anniversary with Han residents, there were mainly two reactions: excitement or reluctance to talk. The reaction from Uyghurs was mainly silence.

Uncle (or Grandpa, 大爷) Wang recalled his feelings this way: “I was angry. Such counter-revolutionary behavior – why didn’t the government put this down, and allowed them to cruelly injure and kill our compatriots?”

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