Dolkar Tso thanks Samdrup’s Lawyers

Karma Samdrup (嘎玛桑珠), a Tibetan businessman, was sentenced to 15 years in prison this week – apparently on June 24, which would be the  last day of another corrupted trial. The New York Times recounts the probable reasons for his arrest in January, and his imprisonment. Samdrup had been charged with “grave robbery” in Xinjiang, and his trial was held in Yanqi County, Xinjiang.

High Peaks Pure Earth translated a blogpost by Dolkar Tso (珍尕), Samdrup’s wife, reportedly written on Tuesday, June 22, and posted by Woeser on June 23. Dolkar Tso describes the first day of her husband’s trial.

Two Han-Chinese lawyers defended their Tibetan fellow citizen in court. In another post on Friday (re-posted by Woeser on Saturday), Dolkar Tso expressed her gratitude to them. On leaving from Urumqi by plane, she wrote that “a friend next to me quietly says what I don’t bear saying myself: Karma, we will leave you for a while.”

“Thank you” – these two characters are too weak to express my gratitude to the two lawyers. I don’t know how to express my gratitude adequately. I can’t imagine how, if not even lawyers resisted the temptations of money and confusing right and wrong, how could I face these circumstances? How deep would my despair run in that case? […] No people wish to hate others, and Yang Jia didn’t want to become Yang Jia. My heart doesn’t wish evil on others, and would fear be afraid to turn into Yang Jia’s abysmal, hopeless and lonely state of mind. Therefore, I can only once again use these weak words of gratitude to salute these two lawyers!

You haven’t only preserved our faith in law and justice, but made me even more convinced: when the choice is between right and wrong (在是非曲直面前), there is no ethnic difference. We are striving for truth and justice together, no matter  if we are Han or Tibetan. I appreciate the treasures and common life of our nationalities. Diversity provides us with experience and self-awareness. The common pursuit of goodness and beauty provide us with real unity and harmony.

I believe that even though we have seen this trial – a trial that benumbed my limbs and made tears well up in my eyes (泪如泉涌) -, I’m still not Yang Jia. I thank these two lawyers, I thank all friends of all nationalities, and from the beginning to the end, I don’t feel alone.


Han Chinese Defenders, April 26, 2009
Quote: Serf Emancipation Day, March 28, 2009

8 Responses to “Dolkar Tso thanks Samdrup’s Lawyers”

  1. Hi, thanks for this. Please check the email I sent you earlier!


  2. Read and replied. I’m reading on your website regularly – it’s a great source of information on Tibet’s rather invisible side.



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