Blogs, “a bit Old-Fashioned”

WordPress is one of the world’s most popular blogging platforms and, even as blogs are a bit old-fashioned these days, there are still a lot of people actively using the medium, writes Softpedia, a Romanian website, marking the blogging platform’s 200,000,000th post.

justrecently, no longer updating on facebook

justrecently, no longer updating on facebook

Why is blogging old-fashioned? The Softpedia article refers to Flickr and to Twitter as alternative (and apparently more “modern”) ways of communication.

But while WordPress may have some security issues, Twitter appears to have security and privacy issues. “Advertisers are watching your every tweet”, Saul Hansell of the New York Times wrote in July 2009. I don’t tweet myself, but tweeting seems to involve personally identifiable information.

When I started using Facebook a few months ago, I didn’t state my real birthday while I registered. A few weeks later, for safety reasons, my birthday was asked for when logging in from a different computer than mine. Obviously, I had by then forgotten my faked birthday, I was therefore unable to answer the security question, and that was the end of my Facebook story.

There is no need to use Facebook under ones own name. But obviously, people who are pursuing a “career through connections” will tend to use their real name. And even if not – as long as mandatory information users provide Facebook with is accurate, the “social networking” site commands a sway over personal data which I’m unable to evaluate.

WordPress, on the other hand, is only criticized for security issues. Maybe that’s why blogging is considered old-fashioned. A blogger gives up too little personal data to be “modern” (i. e. commercially useful). Besides – who wants to read a post longer than 140 characters?

[1792 characters]

3 Comments to “Blogs, “a bit Old-Fashioned””

  1. I read all 1792! But (very minor complaint) I really wanted to read them in my RSS reader. Any chance you’ll some day give us the whole article instead of just snippets?


  2. I’d do anything for people who read these posts completely. Changed the settings a moment ago.


  3. I may yet achieve perfect sloth! Much thanks


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