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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Good Ganbu: One Country, 1.5 Systems

Good Ganbu

Good Ganbu: zero tolerance for hostile dancing troupes


Tung Chee-hwa is a good patriot, but his work when in charge of harmonizing Hong Kong was only forty-seven per cent good, and fifty-three per cent bad. He completely botched our most important Trojan Horse piece of patriotic legislation in Hong Kong. Some people in that city actually still believe that they are living in a political system whichwould be different from China’s only real system!

If Comrade Chee-hwa Mr Tung had been only somewhat more deft, the HK government authorities wouldn’t need to face foreign imperialists’ false allegations now, and there would be no lawsuit by those Falun-Gong snake-ghosts against the HK authorities.

You are too afraid of making yourselves unpopular, Comrades. We old ganbus on the other hand always did what needed to be done, whenever the motherland was threatened by any hostile dancing troupes. So here are my recommendations. They are written in the spirit of our revered Comrade Mao Zedong, and they are just as simple as his good old rules:

No subversive dancing in Hong Kong

No subversive dancing in Hong Kong

1. Make it clear to the world and to the splittist and subversive elements in Hong Kong that there is only one country, and 1.5 systems (0.2 for Hong Kong, and 0.3 for Macau, the latter of which deserves to be rewarded for being nothing but a decent, apolitical gambling joint.

2. Once Taiwan is reunited with the motherland, it will get an (initial) 0.2 per cent system (to be reduced later), Macau will retain its 0.3 per cent system (provided that they will never make any use of it, of course), and Hong Kong will be left with an 0.0 per cent system, which is to say we will take full control of everything there. After all, that’s what a Communist Party is here for!

3. Scrap that Article 23 project. We’ll do as we please, anyway.

Meantime, I and my old comrades suggest that you encourage the performance of dancing troupes that are more suitable in raising the peoples’ patriotism in Hong Kong, and their feelings of friendship with our real friends.

Take a shot of courage, Comrades, and SHIKEZHUNBEIZHE !

The Good Ganbu


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