Hermit: Google subverts Reform Policies

Hello Children,

Hermit: Hello Children

Hermit the Taoist Dragonfly explains Google's threats against China

we are living in fateful times, and when the motherland is in mortal danger, you must sometimes interrupt your carefree games and heed your instructors’ warnings instead.

Maybe during the past weeks, you have noticed that your parents have become agitated about so-called Google, a  certain foreign-invested search engine. If your parents are among those misguided compatriots who harbor illusions about the hegemonists, you should listen to Uncle Hermit very closely now.

First of all, Google is a very dangerous company that wants to expose the lilywhite souls of our compatriots to online porn. If your parents don’t like our Party’s correct administration of the Chinese internet, it only shows that their once pure souls have already become grey or black.

But most importantly, Google is trying to corrupt the goals of our policies of reform and opening. The goal of Comrade Xiaoping‘s reforms has always been to make use of foreigners and to stoically tolerate the flies that come through the open windows, so long as we need some  bad people here. But in the Google case, it seems that the cooperation between Chinese and foreign investors was actually intricate!

Listen very closely now, children. The purpose of our participation in international business is not to make friends with foreigners! It is to use them, as Comrade Nanny correctly stated before. If those of our compatriots who built a Chinese joint venture with Google thought that a joint venture with foreigners is about win-win, i. e. including win for foreigners, they have profoundly misunderstood the concept of permitting foreign investment in China.

We must think of the Google puppets’ bad example as a stern warning to all of us. We are sometimes too good and honest, and naive. Like Comrade Xiaoping once said in an earlier situation when our country was facing mortal danger from abroad, too, we must pass the test, and we must never forget how cruel our enemies are! Uncle Hermit himself almost died at the hands of the imperialists when he was a child!

If you believe that your parents have become the puppets of foreigners, just send Uncle Hermit a confidential email, and everything is going to be alright again, soon. Don’t worry, children.

Got to fly now. Stay patriotic and vigilant, children.


CYD: Google’s “‘Puppets'”, April 2, 2010

2 Comments to “Hermit: Google subverts Reform Policies”

  1. Who is this Mr. Hermit?

    I find what he says really absurd, and likely obnoxious to the morales of children.


  2. Mr Hermit is just a good patriotic dragonfly. More from the same source:

    Parental guidance is advised for readers under 16. It isn’t really meant to be read by children.


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