CRI: Google in the Mirror of Colonial History

China Radio International (CRI) intensifies its coverage of GOOGLE’S CHINA THREAT.  “If Google wants to leave, just do it, and I will turn to Baidu. For sure we can survive without Google,” the station quotes an anonymous comment from Shandong Province on the news portal And Chinese blogger Ding Wenqiang is quoted as saying that it’s like breaking up with boyfriends or girlfriends. People will find new ones soon. Website operators on the other hand worry about the uncertainty concerning services like AdSense. CRI dedicates a theme page particularly to Google’s withdrawal, under the title WITHDRAW – A LOSS FOR GOOGLE. Another story describes Google’s legal issues with intellectual property owners and authorities in European countries as a showcase as to how the company is doing evil in every place.

But it is apparently on the airwaves where CRI pulled out all the stops, as Le Figaro‘s China blog quotes the station:

During 100 years of colonialism and semi-colonialism, there has only been a single similar study case. That was Britain’s East Indian Company which wanted to control India’s sovereignty.”

On its website, CRI’s French service quotes advice contrary to the applied historical science.

Chinese Experts: It’s better not to politicize the Google affair (Des experts chinois : mieux vaut ne pas politiser l’affaire Google).

It’s hard to deny that Chinese publications are quoting from a variety of sources.


Hermit: Google is a Political Scam, March 21, 2010
BJRB: Hegemonists should Harbor no Illusions, Febr 6, 2010
Google: Bravo, tu as Gagné, January 16, 2010

3 Responses to “CRI: Google in the Mirror of Colonial History”

  1. I think this withdrawal will start even more discussion about the Chinese media. At least among those who care.



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