Diluting the Intimidation: The Tea Partisans

China is having a tea party, Associated Press (AP) reported on Wednesday. Who belongs to the party is apparently determined by the police, or the state security. The tea partisans are usually referred to as tea movement (喝茶运动) or as the tea partisans (喝茶党人).

Tsering Woeser, a quarter-Han Chinese and three quarter-Tibetan blogger, identified herself publicly as a tea partisan in September last year. And Zeng Jinyan, in 2008, developed a preference for Hong Kong-style tea.

Police have long tried to shush and isolate potential activists, usually starting with a low-key warning, perhaps over a meal or a cup of tea. Now, the country’s troublemakers are openly blogging and tweeting their stories about “drinking tea” with the cops, allowing the targeted citizens to bond and diluting the intimidation they feel,

writes AP.

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