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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Hermit and Nightwish: Make America collapse!

Hello Children,

Hermit joins Nightwishes Band's Wishes

Hermit joins Nightwishes Band's Wishes

Today I want to introduce a very good patriotic girl to you, whose alias is Nightwish Band. She published a very good essay on tiexue on February 5, with the title Making America Collapse should become Our Country’s Main Policy. Some details of her article may need some further discussion, but different from some people in our country in particular, who still harbor illusions about Obama, she looks clearly at the nature of the problems, and takes a firm stand to defend our country’s national interests.

OK, read for yourselves, and learn from her realism and patriotism.

[…..] As a huge socialist country whose situation is getting tougher abroad and at home, after the era of Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping, this country with its more and more developed economy has repeatedly become Europe’s and America’s fat pig, and in their economic crisis, they just stabbed China, greedily drew the blood and sweat of the Chinese people, when they voted in the time of crisis, they demonized China to get the support of their people, when they felt like it (他们有闲情趣致时), they dragged China into the G8, A2, and Copenhagen conferences, put yokes on China, watched China struggling, and had fun with it. The abortion of a big aircraft project, the bombing of the  embassy in Yugoslavia, the Hainan collision, the Asia financial crisis, the East Turkestan and Tibet trouble, etc. were all caused by America (是美国亲力亲为的). The occupation of Southern Tibet [藏南被占, referring to Arunachal Pradesh — JR], the crisis across the Taiwan Strait, the East China Sea dispute, the South China Sea encirclement are done by the lackeys who are worshipping America (美国的狗腿子作崇), mobilizing domestic factors [inside China]; the stock market crash, soaring housing prices, rising prices, SARS, avian flu, genetically modified food are all influenced and meddled into by America. Many of the crises China is facing were made by America. Currently, our greatest enemy is America, which wants to kill our Chinese nation!

The actual nature of Chinese-American relations aren’t about mutual benefit, strategic partnership, but about using and in the end eliminating one side. Since China was founded, many generations of leaders worked hard to maintain global peace, time after time, we we paid the price and were marginalized, America’s actions have already informed us that in the world order dominated by America, China isn’t welcome, and is even wanted to be destroyed! Only once we have understood this, we can discuss the following. […..]

Chew on it, children. Got to fly now. Keep learning from true patriots!


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