Hermit: Happy New Agreement Year

Hermit: Hello Children

Hermit the Taoist Dragonfly explains the Happy New Agreements.

Hello Children,

as you certainly know, a happy new year is upon us, the Year of the Mouse Rat Tiger. It is also known as the year of the Four Mousetraps Four Agreements, because we are going make our Taiwanese compatriots agree to at least four more extortions agreements. These agreements will lead to a more smooth return of that unredeemed province to our motherland at an earlier date.

The agreement on tax matters hasn’t yet been signed, because of people who are enemies of the Chinese people and their peaceful reunification! But they will be thwarted, and the reunification of our motherland under the wise leadership will come soon, maybe even in this new year!

special offer

special offer 4 mouse

While you are patiently waiting, here is a patriotic singalong for you to sing, to welcome the happy new year of the mouse rat tiger:

1. Four agreements are hanging on the wall
2. four fine mousetraps are waiting for your call
3. if you should fail to join our happy cause
4. we will kill you with our harmonious force.

Got to fly now. Don’t forget to do your utmost for harmony, peace, and unity in the new year.

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