Economist: “Facing up to China”

It’s an unusual leader, even by Economist standards. It’s about the unusual ferocity of the Chinese regimes response to arms sales to Taiwan, as recently approved by Washington. The paper has always been uncompromisingly market-liberal – but that really seems to include true liberalism, too. The article criticizes American business people who, at the World Economic Forum in Davos, muttered “despairingly about their own ‘dysfunctional’ political system – extolling the virtues of decisive authoritarianism over shilly-shallying democratic debate.

Making room for a new superpower should not be confused with giving way to it, titles the article. It calls Beijing’s Taiwan policy a failure, stating that there is little sign of progress towards China’s main goal of “peaceful reunification”, which it believes is one cause for Beijing’s unusual ferocity. Its verdict on Beijing’s Tibet policy is no nicer.

And the cartoon added to it, showing Barack Obama in a habitually easy, umm, discourse with a fuming dragon is priceless.

I have my reservations about the Economist’s market ideology. But at the same time, I do feel that a business paper that encourages the Obama administration and other governments to “face up to China” deserves a lot of attention. The Economist is true to its own standards, and it is, unfortunately, quite exceptional at that.

2 Responses to “Economist: “Facing up to China””

  1. The Economist is liberal? Really? Certainly not from what I have experienced. In my humble opinion it is just another mainstream western publication that makes little sense.



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