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Saturday, January 30, 2010

35,000 Yuan for an Obedient Wife

The Xi’an Evening Post (西安晚报) tells the story of a man from Nanjing (Jiangsu Province), Dai Moujin (戴某仅), who wanted to get married for a second time, and was looking for an obedient (关键是听话) wife – young, beautiful, hardworking, and virtuous (年轻漂亮勤劳贤惠) -, who wouldn’t worship money.

To this end, he went to Vietnam. His expenses, according to the report:

passport fees 220 RMB
notarization 830 RMB
confirmation procedures 300 RMB
visa fees at Vietnamese consulate in Shanghai 1,650 RMB
travel expenses from Nanjing to Shanghai 610 RMB
return flight from Nanjing to Nanning 1,880 RMB
dating fee (相亲费) in Vietnam 1,000 RMB
go-betweens (中介及办理) and marriage certificate 15,000 RMB
ceremony-related costs *) 14,000 RMB
35,490 RMB

*) thereof 10,000 RMB for eighty banquet tables

He stayed in Vietnam for fifteen days and chose from more than forty candidates, according to the Xi’an Evening Post. It was apparently quite a public affair, as his castings were closely followed online by Chinese netizens, who took note of the fact that each girl the man from Nanjing met for lunch or dinner never started eating before their potential husband did. “Vietnamese girls are really like that!”

Other findings: “To marry a Vietnamese girl is very simple, you only need to obtain her parents’ permission.” And whoever goes to Vietnam to seek a wife must remind himself that “I’m a moneybag” (我是大款).


At purchasing power parity, Vietnam’s GDP per capita is less than half of China’s.
According to an 2008 estimate, the sex ratio in Vietnam is 98 males per 100 females, but with a currently worsening imbalance, similarly to China’s.

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