Obituary: Mark Anthony Jones, 1969 – 2009

Mark Anthony Jones, an Australian author, blogger, and teacher, died in November last year, writes the Peking Duck. Mark learned in June 2009 2008 that he had cancer, and he stopped blogging and commenting soon after. I didn’t know him personally, but started missing his disagreeable pro-Beijing posts and comments as soon as he ceased writing them. He made himself friends and enemies. I hope that he died peacefully, and I’m feeling sad tonight.



Mark Anthony Jones: Flowing Waters Never Stale, Google Books (scroll down there for a table of content, and excerpts from the book)


3 Responses to “Obituary: Mark Anthony Jones, 1969 – 2009”

  1. Yeah, I was told that he had cancer at the same time, given his record I simply didn’t believe him – I thought it was just a cheap grab at sympathy. I was wrong.


  2. I guess one can know people not well enough, just well enough, or too well.



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