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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Alibaba: Don’t be Reckless

Alibaba Group, which owns Yahoo China, and is in turn mainly owned by the Yahoo Group (39 to 40 per cent), issued a statement on Saturday, criticizing a Yahoo statement supportive of Google as “reckless, given the lack of facts in evidence”. Alibaba’s statement puts it further at odds with Yahoo following an erosion in ties between the companies since Carol Bartz took over as Yahoo’s CEO, writes International Data Group (IDG) in Boston. Alibaba operates e-commerce web sites including the business-to-business platform

Just as Google, Yahoo was targeted by cyber attacks, but initially left it to its larger competitor Google to make the attacks public, writes Singapore’s Lianhe Morning Post.

In 2005, Yahoo was accused of passing on information to Chinese authorities which led to a ten-year jail sentence for Contemporary Trade News journalist Shi Tao (师涛), apparently for e-mailing comments made in a newspaper staff meeting to a democracy group in New York.

The incidence had earned Yahoo the verdict “Technologically and financially a giant; morally a pygmy” (科技和金钱上的巨人,道德上的侏儒).

ESWN has translated a Douban post with a possible explanation for Google’s plans to withdraw from China (thanks for the link, Neddy).

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