Chinese Statistics: American Companies “lose Chinese market” over Taiwan

Raytheon Company (雷神公司) “loses business in China” because of its role in arms sales to Taiwan, according to the official Chinese paper Huanqiu Shibao (Global Times) on Monday, quoted by Singapore’s United Morning News on Tuesday. The company is to sell updated Patriot Systems to Taiwan in a contract approved by former U.S. president George W. Bush in 2008, and cleared by the U.S. Department of Defense this month. Huanqiu quoted an unnamed authoritative person as saying that a British Raytheon subsidiary had tried since 2000 to participate in Shanghai-Beijing-Guangzhou air traffic control and in China’s civil aviation system’s radar and air traffic control automization projects, but that all their bids had failed. The article also suggests that Raytheon hadn’t been found in any procurement and bidding records for Chinese radar projects, and that China hadn’t imported any products made by the company since 2004. Raytheon had since withdrawn its representation office from China. Lockheed Martin had also “lost Chinese markets” (失去了在中国的市场), according to the article.

The purpose of the article seems to be to back up comments reportedly made by Chinese top military officials that China should take defensive countermeasures against companies which sold weapons to Taiwan, but also wanted to sell aircraft and other goods to China, or that European countries would not dare to risk business with China by selling arms to Taiwan.

Probably also in a reaction to the Taiwan arms deal cleared this month, Xinhua published an unspecified report about a successful test of an emerging Chinese anti-missile system.

The foreign military sales contract with Taiwan totals $1.1 billion, according to Raytheon Company’s website.


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