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Monday, January 11, 2010

Net Nanny Relaunched (with more Maikefengs)

Net Nanny was released from jail late last week.  The recording of a telephone conversation, tapped into by the JR Intelligence Unit (JIU) on Thursday, suggests that she had been jailed as a result of a power struggle some two weeks ago. The following is the wording of that extremely sensitive state secret phone conversation which apparently led to her release.

Hermit (yells): Shikezhunbeizhe!

Good Ganbu

Good Ganbu

Good Ganbu: Good morning, Comrade. Did you get the news that Comrade Nanny is in jail?

Hermit: Yes I did. Must be a terrible blow to that conceited ugly crow. But well deserved, anyway.

Good Ganbu: Not so fast, Comrade Hermit…

Hermit: GULP!

Good Ganbu: She didn’t read that Californian porn magazine on a public bus for the whole world to see, right?

Hermit: Hardly so. she never socializes with the masses, that much is true. Maybe she read it in the rear compartment of her Red Flag Review Car. She bought herself one in a silly attempt to look as good as our great chairman, but she isn’t working half as xinku as he does.

Good Ganbu: Actually, she didn’t buy it. Uhm… anyway, only you and I have seen her reading that decadent Californian magazine, right?

Hermit: Uhm… who knows? Someone must have handed it to her, right? What are you up to, revered old comrade? Isn’t my work 65 per cent good, and only 35 per cent bad?

Good Ganbu: Well, yes, but you see, it is still 35 per cent bad. Even excellent scientists like you can make mistakes. Your public and neimu dang’an‘s both inform me that you graduated from Shanzhai Normal University (山寨师范大学), Ledu (乐都), Qinghai province, fifteen years ago. You completed your doctoral thesis there one year later, and became a professor there in 1997.

Hermit the Scholarly Dragonfly

Hermit the Scholarly Dragonfly

Hermit: Of course! It is one of our nation’s most acclaimed universities!

Good Ganbu: Ahem… listen, Comrade: our beloved motherland is developing at an unprecedented speed. The world’s fastest trains take us to many places, and even where their victorious rails end, there are comfortable buses and Red Flag Review Cars which now take us to every corner of our motherland…

Hermit: OK, OK, what do you want, revered old Comrade?

Good Ganbu: Comrade Nanny will be released from jail tomorrow, and I expect no further anonymous letters to reach my office, with evil accusations and rumors, OK? The world is in turm0il, and us Comrades must stand together, and not allow our enemies to…

Hermit: Oh, I would never engage in schemes and …

Good Ganbu: Of course not. By the way, in future public appearances and neimu party seminars, Comrade Nanny will be afforded another maikefeng – you will continue to use only one maikefeng. Bye for now.

More maikefengs for Comrade Nanny restore Harmony and give back face to her.

More maikefengs for Comrade Nanny will restore the Harmony and give back face to her.

Hermit (yells): Shikezhunbeizhe!

[Good ganbu rings off. Hermit starts sobbing uncontrolledly.]

Monday, January 11, 2010

Rio Tinto: Case moved to Shanghai Prosecutors

A formal investigation of charges against Stern Hu, a Rio Tinto PLC executive who was arrested with three further employees, has ended and the case now moves to local prosecutors for consideration, according to the agency making the announcement, Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, in Canberra, quoted by the Wall Street Journal (WSJ). Police “handed findings to local prosecutors” in Shanghai, Australian officials are quoted.

The charges appear to be employing bribery and other illegal means to drive the multibillion-dollar mineral-sales business in China for Rio Tinto. However, the actual direction of the investigations and charges appears to be unclear.

The company’s detained employees “aren’t reachable and haven’t appeared in public”, according to the WSJ. The paper adds that the case also raises questions about how the massive Australia-China ore trade should establish pricing. Normally, Sino-Australia price talks for the following year start in October. For 2010, they haven’t begun. The company’s chief executive Tom Albanese sees a top priority in rebuilding the company’s China relationship, writes the WSJ.


Rio Tinto employees arrested in China, July 8, 2009

Monday, January 11, 2010

JR is a China Expert

China Galaxy Securities predicted an annual growth rate of 8.6 per cent f0r 2009, in November 2008, according to China Radio International.

JR predicted 8.5  per cent growth or less, also back in November 2008. The World Bank on Tuesday cut its 2009 forecast for China’s economic growth to 7.5 percent, from 9.2 percent previously, in a report quoted by Xinhua.

If you, dear reader, are a China expert out there who made a more applicable forecast than JR in 2008, please raise your hand.

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