HK Demonstrators urged not to “startle” Beijing

Between some 9,000 (or 4,600) and 30,000 Hong Kong citizens (police and organizers’ estimates respectively) called for universal suffrage on New Year’s Day, in a rally outside the Legislative Council Building (LegCo). Some of them reportedly held portraits of Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo (刘晓波), demanding the release of the prominent activist and writer who had received an eleven-year jail sentence on December 25 last year. Protesters reportedly also marched to Beijing’s Liaison Office in Hong Kong.

The protesters’ activities prompted reactions from Beijing and its proxies five days later.

In a reaction on Wednesday, trade unionist and Executive Council member Cheng Yiu-tong (郑耀棠) told them that demonstrations in front of Beijing’s Liaison Office in Hong Kong were harmful for the development of Hong Kong’s political system (会对香港政制发展极为不利). Assaulting the Liaison office could startle (震惊) Beijing, Cheng told a radio show. A group of mostly young people (past-1980s, 以80后青年为主力) had scuffled with police forces outside the Liaison Office, writes Singapore’s United Morning Post.

Also yesterday, the Liaison Office’s director Peng Qinghua (彭清华) expressed his respect for the right of Hong Kongers to express their views and demands in a different way (尊重港人以不同方式表达各种意见和诉求), but that they should do so in a rational and peaceful atmosphere.


5 Responses to “HK Demonstrators urged not to “startle” Beijing”

  1. The pro-government crowd is making the same noises about the discontent of many people regarding the government’s reform package and continued failure to come up with a timetable for doing away with functional constituencies.

    We are told that if pan-Democrats make too much noise, the government may just rethink that idea of universal sufferage and may slow things down. We are told that if protests get rowdy, Beijing will be “startled” and may do bad things.

    Well gee, then I guess that Hong Kong people should just not complain about anything. What’s the use? If they don’t complain more forcefully, Beijing will simply support the creation of a “democratic” system that they can influence by retaining functional constituencies and maintaining their heavy-handed influence in the choosing of the Chief Executive. If they do complain more forcefully, Beijing will just crack down somehow and the result will be the same.

    As long as locals support this situation, there won’t be any meaningful change.


  2. Shush! Just a few more of these hostile comments here, and Beijing may be too startled to buy further Airbuses from Europe!


  3. Besides, see what will happen if Cheng Yiu-tong and the central government get too startled?
    “If the majority of people are like that, Beijing will have to send troops here.”



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