Net Nanny Arrested

Bad Element

An Unmasked, disappointing Sellout which hurts our feelings

The Net Nanny has been arrested in Beijing a week ago for having accessed tons of lewd, unhealthy and pornographic websites, which she claims to have been part of an activity within a campaign against lewd, unhealthy and pornographic websites. She was one of the last bad elements being arrested in 2009 in a heroic revolutionary Confucian battle against unhealthy tendencies, also known as the Civic Insurgence of the Decent Elements against Bad Elements (CIDEABE) which resulted in 5,394 arrests nationwide over the past year.

The Net Nanny protests her so-called innocence and claims that she led an army of porn watchers’ civic efforts in line with the Capital Civic Enhancement Committee Office (CCECO) to help demask, report, and strip lewd, unhealthy and pornographic content from the internet. That is of course a ridiculous excuse.

Net Nanny is also charged with possession of a very sick porn magazine from California which had been smuggled into Kashgar last year by enemies of the Chinese people, to weaken the morals of the motherland’s heroic troops there. Nanny claims that she had “only studied it for the purpose of defending the motherland“.

JR is very disgusted and distances himself from that old friend sick element.

The motherland has successfully persuaded independent companies to comply with its initiative against lewd, unhealthy and pornographic content.

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