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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Becoming Yourself Again

mask off

mask off

Somewhere, I read this year that teaching minors in a comprehensive school is as demanding as an air traffic controller’s job. I can’t judge that, because I’ve never been an air traffic controller, and I don’t remember if the author of the article was himself a teacher or an air traffic controller, but it’s true that permanent readiness of mind is an essential. Given that a lot of parents are very opinionated and very defensive when it comes to their childrens’ ratings and discipline, and given that politics has highly empasized parents volition (Elternwille) in recent years, a teacher needs to be both tough and diplomatic. As students’ performance levels are generally going down rather than up, many parents fear for their childrens’ future, and at the same time, not just a few of them seem to think of good ratings as some kind of human right, with or without their childrens’ own endeavors. Teachers can be easy lightning arresters. Parents’ volition applies in every classroom situation, too – can I sell my decisions, statements and conduct if they lead to conflicts with parents?

Sometimes, after having performed one hour after another, I’m sitting down in a pub, just on my own, have a coffee and a cigarette, try to relax and to become myself again.

Anyway, the christmas holidays are here now.

It’s nice to take that chronically optimistic educationalist mask off for a while. I’ve been teaching for more than five years now, and I’m usually enjoying it – but I do still know what stage-fright is.


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