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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Net Nanny: Internet needs Rule

Comrades and Underlings,

Net Nanny: An absolute NO on China Daily

Net Nanny: An absolute NO on China Daily

when children approach their parents, or when the tributaries of the world approach their Middle Kingdom Emperor (or his viceroy overseas), they should ketou, or at least they should keep their hands clasped.

By no means should they spread their hands or fingers – this looks very vulgar. And if such things really happen, at least they shouldn’t be shown on the internet, because it only helps to spread the vulgar behavior. Photos showing barbarian manners like the one underneath my complimentary close should be completely out.

We must think of the internet as a transportation net, also in terms of manners. We need regulations to rule  it.

Thank you for your attention.
Net Nanny

a vulgar breach of protocol

a vulgar breach of protocol



“Real Action”, China Daily, Dec 19, 2009

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Who says there won’t be a white christmas anymore? Snow is falling, has been falling since yesterday morning. It had started on the coast some twenty-four hours earlier, and then started moving here, too. If my personal wishing list had counted, it would have started on Wednesday – that’s when the holidays begin. I’m realizing that I’m getting older as I’m not simply taking pleasure in the romantic countryside, but rather thinking of the logistical challenges behind it. Besides, snow spoils the chance that we may go ice-skating on the long canals, from town to town, even if the freeze continues. You can’t sweep the snow kilometer after kilometer.

It’s only some five degrees C. below freezing point, but humid and frequently foggy at the same time, pretty much like on this photo.

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