A Fair Trial, according to the Relevant Laws

If you are looking for a seasonal piece of prose you can read to your loved ones on one of these comfy winter evenings in the northern hemisphere, why not choosing A Fair Trial. That stuff is of course an entirely biased, unfair, and inaccurate account of what really happened, because the fat bad boys and girls, in reality, came from a country which bought too much and had too big a navy to allow for a really fair trial as described by MyLaowai. But if the lad on trial there had been a Chinese national with not-too-much guanxi, he might have gotten a fair trial according to the relevant laws.

So before you start finger-pointing and interfering in China’s internal affairs again, remember that an entirely fair and harmonious judicial system can’t be built in a day.


The Stupid Little Mermaid, March 12, 2009

4 Comments to “A Fair Trial, according to the Relevant Laws”

  1. I’m announcing my comeback to read wordpress.com blogs because i now have Jumpuse, a pretty new, and still effective proxy browser.

    This post of yours must be one of a long series of posts. I’m totally lost on it. Will try to read it up.


  2. and i’m the old Huolong. Sorry again…


  3. Whoah! Three comments within three minutes! Usejump can’t be bad.


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