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Saturday, December 12, 2009

One ECFA, different Interpretations

Shen Zewei (沈泽玮), in an article for Singapore’s Morning Post, shows concern for the governing KMT’s communication skills. While the opposition is thriving on criticizing ECFA (Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement), the government, eager to sign the agreement with Beijing by 2010, starts looking like a “sellout”. And while the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is using vivid examples and coins the terms used in the debate, the governing KMT seems to find it hard to communicate with the electorate.

a desolate night at the sales office

a desolate night at the sales office

Under the headline “One ECFA, different Interpretations” Shen quotes one of the vivid terms, that ECFA is “the viagra of the rich, the mudslide of the poor” (富人的威而刚、穷人的土石流).

And the share of Taiwaners who say that they understand the details of ECFA is apparently going down, rather than up, warns Shen.  He points out that it is China which constrains Taiwan’s efforts to sign free-trade agreements with other countries. Now China is meant to be the key to free trade for Taiwan, not only with China, but also with Taiwan ASEAN? This logic won’t convince people easily, writes Shen.

There are points one could make in favor of ECFA. But the latest governmental interpretations of ECFA still aren’t looking too vivid.


The Dangers of ECFA Obsession, Commonwealth, November 12, 2009

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