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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Good Ganbu’s Friday Nights

Exhilarating Nights in the Opera

Exhilarating Nights in the Opera


I know that you have become somewhat decadent and politically unconscious, and that worries me. Us old Ganbus are old and unflinching revolutionaries who will never forget the bitter past and the crimes of the imperialists, and you should listen to our experience.

On Friday night, my Lao Po and I went to the China Grand Theater (北京中国剧院) and watched an excellent performance by the Korean People’s Army Concert Troupe (朝鲜人民军协奏团) there. We saw and listened to a carefully prepared version of The Image of the Hero (英雄的形象), the anthem of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (中国人民解放军军歌), and other Chinese and Korean songs and dances which aroused our enthusiastic applause. It showed how our two nations, hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder and side by side, wish to build a beautiful future together. Chinese folk song “Reed Flower” (芦花) and the dance “Our Friendship is Everlasting” (我们的友谊万古长青) were also very impressive.

Dancing Me and My Heavy Machine Gun (舞蹈《我的重机枪》)

But of course, the most impressive one was “My Heavy Machine Gun”, full of revolutionary spirit and ecstasy! Magnificent!

So, Comrades, my recommendation is that you should go to these international performances frequently. Also very recommendable of course are the Dance Troupe of the General Political Department of the People’s Liberation Army (人民解放军总政治部歌舞团, the long name of which implies long, enjoyable evenings in the opera) and, if you are really so much into Western stuff, try the Alexander Red-Flag Song and Dance Troupe of the Russian Armed Forces (亚历山大红旗歌舞团). I’m sure they will be back soon, although they already performed here in China this year, on the occasion of the 60th Anniversary of China-Russia Diplomatic Ties. Their history is also very glorious. It’s just that the Russians are not so reliable friends of the Chinese people as the Koreans.

Our friendship with the People of Korea, on the other hand, Is Forever!

Exhilarated Greetings:

Hao Ganbu

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