JR takes Historic Break from Blogging

And with that, I’m leaving this blog alone for a while, i. e. for ten days. It takes discipline to keep blogging, but it may also take discipline to stay away from it. As a blogger on China-related  topics, I have exposed my lilywhite soul to too much vulgar content, porn, and bad information, such as from China Global Times, Qin Gang‘s memorable quotations, or verifiable empirical research on Tibet. I’ll read printed newspapers again. I’ll read stuff I can sit down with in a rocking chair in the evenings. But I won’t blog or comment. Not even if Barack Obama sells Taiwan to Beijing in Shanghai or Beijing, or if the Great Firewall should fall.

3 Comments to “JR takes Historic Break from Blogging”

  1. You will be missed. And, I think it’s Tibet that is on sale this week, not Taiwan, although I suppose we should never discout the possibility of an American president with no China experience whatsoever selling out Taiwan, either intentionally or unintentionally.


  2. JR, good for you! I wish you well in your forays into printed newspapers. Someday children will look at you in wonder for having stained your hands with the things, but there are still plenty of good ones out there, particularly in Germany. Since my own recent stuff seems to have devolved into “look at what I found online” without much critical analysis, I’ll be thinking about the benefits of a hiatus, too. No sense in just cranking along like some worker drone. The quality of reflection….


  3. Alex, president Obama almost sold Taiwan, though only with an erroneous spoken line, and he realised the problem before completing it, observed Yi Fan of the Southern Metropolis Daily, translated by ESWN:
    “But as good as his speech-making is, he makes the occasional slip. For example, when it came to the Taiwan problem, Obama began by saying: ‘Taiwan and the rest of …’ He was about to say “China” when he realized that this was inconsistent with the official position of the United States. Therefore, he quickly switched to ‘ … and the People’s Republic of China.'”
    But Associated Press was apparently less well-prepared than president Obama, concerning issues of strategic ambiguity, observes Talk Taiwan.
    As for Tibet, methinks the moment of truth will come during the coming weeks, when Obama will either meet or not meet the Dalai Lama.
    Adam, I believe that our grandchildren will still know newspapers. I can’t see how the internet should replace them altogether, even though publishers and author guilds are doing too little to protect IPR against insatiable search engines, for example…


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