Jia Qinglin: Great Rejuvenation

Ten non-governmental organizations (民间团体) arranged a symposium on agriculture, fisheries, and water resources cooperation in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, on Sunday, reports Central Daily News. CDN (中央日报), used to be the KMT’s official newspaper, comparable in its status to what China Daily is to the CCP. CDN as a printed newspapers had been abandoned by the KMT in 2006 after 78 years – the most recent of those were calamitous, businesswise -, and the online publication of CDN was then relaunched to target the Taiwanese business community in mainland China, according to its editor-in-chief in 2006.

CDN broadly quotes Jia Qinglin (贾庆林), Chairman of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (中国人民政治协商会议), who lauds the symposium as significant this time in  the context of cross-street relations (此次交流会是今年两岸关系中一次很有意义的交流活动), and as a factor with dynamic and important effect on the further deepening of exchange and cooperation on fields of mutual interest, and the promotion of cross-strait relations and peaceful development (对于进一步深化两岸相关领域的交流合作,对于促进两岸关系和平发展,都将产生积极而重要的影响).

Jia Qinglin emphasized that since May last year, with the efforts of the compatriots on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, had achieved a historic turning point and took the path of peaceful development. The two sides had built, on the foundations of opposing Taiwanese independence and upholding the 92 consensus, established optimal interaction.

Chinese coverage

Chinese coverage

Oh well. Why am I translating a Taiwanese newspaper, when I can read pretty much the same stuff on China Radio International in English?


Restrictions on Rejuvenation Lotions in Xinjiang, Aug 18, 2009
KMT seeks Buyer for CDN, Taipei Times, June 1, 2006

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