German Economic Cooperation Minister: China no longer needs Development Aid

8889 online readers of the Financial Times Germany “voted” on Germany’s new development aid minister Dirk Niebel‘s suggestion to stop development aid for China by 12:45 GMT today. 80 per cent of them believe that the idea is overdue; 15 per cent consider the idea populist, and 5 per cent believe it is dangerous.

Niebel’s suggestion is probably not meant to be mere populism, or Liberal Democrat “hostility towards China” – after all, India too, is on his list of countries which do no longer fulfill the criteria for development aid in Niebel’s book. Henrik Bork, (formerly a correspondent in China, and expelled / not re-accredited by the Chinese authorities in 1995) points out in an article for the Süddeutsche Zeitung that China itself grants development aid to Africa and Central Asia, often of little benefit for the people there, and rather in order to secure itself political influence.

Nevertheless, Bork argues that there are certain projects that should still be financed by the German development ministry (officially known as the Ministry for Cooperation and Development) – such as modernizing 6,000 Chinese gas stations in accordance with German environmental protection standards. The job could be assigned to a German medium-sized company, suggests Bork.

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