Red Flag Review Car, Wo Buy Ni

The Red-Flag military review car (红旗牌检阅车) used by Hu Jintao (胡锦涛) on October 1 was specifically made for the CMC, party and state chairman himself, Ta Kung Pao (Hong Kong) reported on October 3.*)

But soon, all patriotic compatriots from Hong Kong and Taiwan who own a factory in China can buy their own Red Flag review cars from China FAW Group Corporation (中国第一汽车集团), and inspect their workforce with it every morning, if they like.

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Ta Kung Pao obtained the news that China FAW Group will offer such cars at a price of more than eight million yuan RMB.*) So arise, compatriotic bosses from Hong Kong, and get yourself one, as soon as they enter the market.

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Note/Update, Nov. 3, 2010
*) This link – – is no longer available.

7 Responses to “Red Flag Review Car, Wo Buy Ni”

  1. Will there be a German importer for this car? And will there be a towing hitch to it, so that I take get my cows to the meadows?
    Besides, I will need EIGHT microphones, to make speeches to my eight treasures on the cattle trailer during the ride: one for Aggro, one for Babette, one for Betsy, one for Chantale, one for Gunda, one for Lizzie, one for Olga, and one for Victoria.
    PLease advise.


  2. 8 million RMB?? You can buy a much better car for that price…hell, you could probably pay someone in Shenzhen to build a knock-off a lot cheaper than that.


  3. There are a lot of copies from German machinery in China. But only the original is good enough for my cows.


  4. Besides, I’m sure, keeping Aggro, Babette, Betsy, Chantale, Gunda, Lizzie, Olga, and Victoria duly impressed is the only way to keep them under control. Shanzhai tractors have been the ruin of many-a-poor sideline farmer.



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