JR’s Weekender: Discotheques

Inventions: A Special Day in History

Inventions: A Special Day in History

The discotheque was invented in China Germany 50oo years and five days ago. This is good news about China, and bad news about Germany. Maybe China did nothing right on October 19th, 1959, but it didn’t invent the discotheque either. That was my country. American soldiers stationed in West Germany took our latest civilizational accomplishment home to their country, writes Wikipedia. In addition to the dance and fashion aspects of the disco club scene, there was also a thriving drug subculture, particularly for drugs that would enhance the experience of dancing to the loud music and the flashing lights, such as cocaine (nicknamed “blow”), amyl nitrite “poppers”, and the “…other quintessential 1970s club drug Quaalude, which suspended motor coordination and turned one’s arms and legs to Jell-O”.

I’ve never been to a discotheque because I wanted to – rather, because friends insisted that it was a good place – or, when I was younger and in a mood of protest against the false bourgeois world, on christmas, just for desecrating the holidays. In a way, I found it natural that a lot of people there used drugs. If I had had to be there every Friday and Saturday night, I’d have used drugs, too. How else can you stand such a packed and noisy place?

Not to forget the bouncers. I wouldn’t feel offended if a bouncer refused me entry, but I feel that something must be wrong with the institution of bouncers. Don’t know why. I like pubs, where people go in and out as they like, so long as they stirr no trouble. A pub, no matter how rough it may be, is civilized. Discotheques are vulgar venues.

P.S.: Before you are asking, JR hasn’t tried to get into a discotheque last night. He’s only pointing out that October 19 is a special day in history.

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