Civil Liberties: Is America being Harmonized?

While the Nobel Peace Prize Committee lauds U.S. president Barack Obama, particularly for his foreign policies, Rebecca MacKinnon, one of his self-confessed voters, is less happy with his record, concerning issues of privacy and freedom of expression anyway:

(…) Then there’s the matter of the media shield bill currently before the Senate Judiciary Committee. The idea is to pass a law that would protect journalists who refuse to divulge their confidential sources in federal court. It was bad enough that the definition of “journalist” has now excluded citizen media, bloggers, and student journalists completely. Even worse, the White House has now proposed changes to the bill that would substantially weaken professional reporters’ protections. (…)

Meantime, fifteen Chinese intellectuals jointly issued an Internet Human Rights Declaration. The Chinese version of it is here, and C.A. Yeung has posted an English translation of it.

Great Firewall poised for a Wonderful Future, September 29, 2009
Real-Name Registration may become Mandatory, August 1, 2009

2 Comments to “Civil Liberties: Is America being Harmonized?”

  1. No, America isn’t being harmonized. It is harmonizing itself, “voluntarily”. At least you still have your 2nd Amendment to conduct what governments usually call “terrorism” (or rather, “revolution”). Good luck, you’re gonna need it!


  2. To avoid misunderstandings, I’m not American.


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