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Friday, October 2, 2009

60,060 Years of Venerable Graft

Welcome to my Corruption Pool

Meiyou gongchandang jiu shi meiyou xin Zhongguo: Welcome to my Corruption Pool

There is a lot of good news on this national holiday. For one, there was a military parade of egregious transparency, and military observers from abroad only needed to keep their cameraphones running. Secondly, people in China have television at home and didn’t need to take the troublesome journey to Tian An Men Square. Thirdly, people in the neighborhood kept their windows closed, so they didn’t catch a flu, which is very healthy. Fourthly, several Beijingers are having a wonderful holiday outside their home town. and can watch their glorious smotherland grow and prosper in all corners of the Middle Kingdom. Last but not least, Mylaowai provides us all with a comprehensive review of the past sixty years in China, plus the past sixty-thousand-and-sixty years of Chinese civilization. Happy birthday, PRC!

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